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                番茄紅素-番茄制品-番茄醬-番茄沙司-番茄汁飲料-ChalkiS-CHALKIS HEALTH INDUSTRY CO.,LTD

                • Materials
                • Equipment
                • Talent
                • Manage
                • Resources

                We have bred the best tomato varieties in the world, and the tomato growing in the best area of the soil. Our tomato raw materials in the growing period by the agricultural home care, and the quality of the implementation of strict real-time monitoring, quality control has been extended from the production workshop to the planting site.

                • Tomato sauce
                • Tomato terminal products

                At present, the company's main business is production & sales for tomato paste concentrated in drums and bins, peeled tomato, diced tomato, various canned tomato products, Lycopene capsule, Tomato fiber sheet, Tomato seed oil. Among them, tomato paste ...

                TOMATO PASTE IN DRUMS

                The index parameters:
                198g/tin 、 425g/tin 、 850g/tin

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                Size: Wooden bins composed by wooden boxes and wooden pallets.

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                ChalkiS(Diced tomatoes)

                Package: 400gX24 Tank/ Box, 1920 Box/Cabinet(20’)

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