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                Company profile

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                Xinjiang Chalkis Co., Ltd. affiliated to the Xinjiang production and construction corps sixth division, is a key support for the development of production and construction corps agricultural industrialization leading enterprises. Companies relying on the unique geographic and natural superiority in Xinjiang, committed to the development of tomato "red industry". We shared the second in the country and third in the world, our products are exported to more than 70 countries and regions all over the world, is the world's leading food companies and long-term, fixed raw materials suppliers. The development of the company not only provided a nice boost to the development of the regional characteristic economy, at the same we help local workers and farmers' to benefit from our industry. Our industry made great contributions to economic and social development in Xinjiang.

                Chalkis adhering to the industrial development and technology innovation strategy .  our "enterprise technology center" dentified as national tomato industry the only state-level enterprise technology center " by the national development and reform commission. Chalkis is the industry standard makers and participants; "ChalkiS" brand are indentified as the famous brand by the ministry of commerce  ; Company "center laboratory" passed through the national certification and accreditation supervision committee; Company post-doctoral scientific research workstation passed assessment by related departments. Our lycopene soft capsule is the only designated health food by Chinese people's liberation army general hospital (301).  Chalkis lycopene capsule are regarded as the  "national gift" by national development planning commission for four consecutive years.

                Tomato "red industry" bearing the corps of tradition and mission, glory and dream. Chalkis New strategic base for the future development will revolves around two aspects: to integrate and consolidate and develop the "red industry", strive to global ranking go by; At the same time, actively explore the road of industrial transformation, into large health industry, layout in advance, seek breakthrough

                Large health industry has a broad development prospects and market space. The development of the society, the progress of human civilization, for the love of life, longing for health, become the eternal theme of life. Health industry, according to the United States is second only to manufacturing, services, finance, insurance, real estate industry, the fifth largest industry also is of the fastest growing industry in the recent ten years, as a share of GDP is 17%, while China is less than 3%. In the European and American countries the average consumer, health care products account for over 25% of the total consumption, China is only 0.07%.With the continuous improvement of people's living standard in our country, and the attention to health is increasingly . China has large growth in health care products consumption space. According to data released national authority, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" period, the health industry scale in China will be far more than 8 trillion Yuan. Health industry will replace the real estate industry, like the Internet will replace the banking industry, became the mainstay of China ranked second and third industry. 

                Into a big health industry, will become the Xinjiang Chalkis industry development in an important turning point.

                Great health industry as an extension of the concept of health and form a collection of health related industry, divided into dominated by products of big health industry and to serve as the leading health industry two kinds big. Including health care products, nutrition, health food, health care equipment, leisure, health services, health management closely related to human health, such as production and service. Health products include pharmaceutical and health care products two niche, two niche again including biomedical, wearable devices, nutrition and health foods and Chinese medicine derivatives four specific entry points . Compared with traditional health industry, health industry is not only products, but healthy life solution. Xinjiang unique natural and geographical conditions, in traditional Chinese medicine, medical services (including pension industry and precise medical), green environmental protection products, the wisdom agriculture. All the way at the same time, in the "area" in the core area construction, cross-border e-commerce and the economy as a big important supplement of the health industry, will become Xinjiang Chalkis’ innovation is an important engine of development in the future. Among thousands of acres of the park will be more reasonable use of land resources.

                The basic idea of CHALKIS in the industry transformation strategy

                One goal: enter into the health industry, create healthy biological industry group

                Two supports: Relying on the" One Belt And One Road" of national strategy and the construction of Xinjiang core historic opportunity, Relying on the strong power of state-owned enterprises reform, realize great-leap-forward development

                Three steps: reform mechanism, optimization of the reserve, transformation and upgrading

                Four breakthroughs Mechanism breakthroughs, prior to try, innovate boldly, establish a fully market-oriented efficient enterprise operation mechanism Industry breakthroughs, From traditional tomato planting and processing industry to  health industry transformation

                Technology breakthroughs,Close to the international frontier science and technology,strengthen the scientific research and new product development capability,Use technology and services to protect health,guard life Capital breakthroughs,by means of Stock configuration,Targeted Placement,restructure & merger,bond issuing expense,short-term financing bonds,Convertible bond,Set up the industrial investment fund,Enlarge the size, reinforce financing ability.

                Five guarantee 

                Policy guarantee, take full advantage of" One Belt And One Road" policy and state-owned enterprise reform policy, Provide the conditions for industry transformation

                incentive system guarantee,  intensify reform,Innovation mechanism,on the way to the  mixed ownership , Try to equity incentive

                Capital guarantee, Make full use of the capital market, developing financing channels, increase investment in key construction projects

                talents guarantee, introducing elitists,construct the effective organization team.

                Technology guarantee, Occupation health industry technical commanding heights,With science and technology strength improve product competitiveness,Promoting the development of health industry